Not long ago I moved away from my friends in London to live with my boyfriend in a small town by the sea, in a cute little one floor cottage basically consisting of one room (with a ladder up to the boudoir).

I am 25 years old but I still thought I was a bit nuts moving away – I pretty much feel like I’m playing grown-ups and real life hasn’t actually started yet.

Anyway, this humble little abode has been good to us but has also been an emotional pressure cooker that has boiled over a number of times, sometimes to the point of ridiculousness.

In a bid to always have the last word in an argument, I have started this blog.

Not really, but since I have a bit more time on my hands these days I thought I’d put it to some use…




  1. Moshe

    Thanks for liking my post, Bird – How ’bout a heads up, yo? Do you happen to live in Brighton? I do not, so don’t worry about me stalking you. Some friends of mine just moved from Texas to Brighton, which is also a “town by the sea.”



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